Find your perfect fit bra

Do you need help finding your bra size? Follow these easy steps to find your perfect fit bra.

What you need to get started:
Perfect Fit

A measuring tape (cm side).

Perfect Fit

Someone to assist you.

Perfect Fit

A mirror.

Measuring guide video

Let's start!

Step 1: Finding your band size

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To measure your band size:

  1. Remove bra or wear a non-padded bra.
  2. Face the mirror and let your partner or friend assist by standing behind you and placing the measuring tape firmly under your bust. Remember to keep your arms relaxed by your side.
  3. Make sure the tape is parallel with the ground and you exhale to get the smallest measurement.
  4. Round down to the nearest whole number.

Your band size in cm:

Please enter your band size in cm

Step 2: Finding your cup size

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Place tape straight across and around your back, and measure the fullest part of your bust.

Round up to the nearest whole number.

Your cup size in cm:

Please enter your cup size in cm
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Step 3: Your results!

You are a 32A
Unfortunately we do not offer your size.
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Please note: This is a guideline and Ackermans cannot be held responsible for incorrect sizing. We recommend that customers fit on the suggested size in-store before purchase.

Quick Tips:

Perfect Fit

If your straps dig into your shoulders, try loosening them.

If your straps slip off your shoulders, try and tighten them or try a bra style with more strap styles.

Perfect Fit

If your band digs into your back, try moving it to a looser hook.

If your band rides up at the back, try fastening it to a tighter hook.

Perfect Fit

If your cups do not give you full coverage, they might be too small. Try a bra with a bigger cup size.

If your cups have gaps or open spaces, they might be too big for you. Try a bra with a smaller cup size.