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Looking Good, For Less!

I bought two cool items with my R250 Ackermans voucher. 






A gift for my best friend

I would buy my other half Senika, a piece of jewellery from our favourite jewellery store, Lovisa. She's 13 turning 14.

Shopping for the baby in our family

I think Ackermans has thee cutest and best baby clothes! From the time I was younger, when we needed clothing for a baby or toddler we'd go to Ackermans ❤️


A Room with a View

These are the items I bought for the 'Room with a View' challenge with my R250 Ackermans voucher.






My theme for my room makeover

I chose the name "Rainbow Blues" because I love the combination of the different hues of blues and it takes sunshine and rain to make a rainbow. Colour is life and blue especially provides physical and mental tranquility that all of us need in our own little private haven. I love the purity of this colour and how the rainbow creates sunshine bringing light and hope in life. The different hues is a definite peace seeker and creates a calming, relaxed environment because the softer the blue the more "free" we feel which gives us a sense of purpose to strive for what we want and achieve great things.

My favourite item

I love the neutral colors of the pillows, giving it the flexibility to be used on a variety of hues as well as a variety of items, ranging from your bed to your sofa and even to a rocking/reading chair. Inspiring quotes are good for every living area and the "LIVE" "LOVE" quotes reminds me that no matter what challenges there are in life, I am blessed to have my life and should live it to the fullest with much positivity and love. Life is all about learning to dance in the rain. The pillows also brings a sense of comfort and warmth to any living area.

When I am at home

I do the dishes, clean my room and my bathroom. Cleanliness is next to Godliness so it is important for me to keep my room clean and tidy at all times. This makes me feel more organized and makes it easier when it comes to studying and prepping for projects. I also assist mom with hanging the laundry and make sure that all my bags are packed and ready for school. When mom works late I tidy her room area as well.

My best friend and my role model

My best friend is Tayla Jacobs. We have many great things in common and enjoy hanging out and having sleepovers as well as working hard when it comes to rehearsing for our dance shows.

My role model is my mom, Sharon Lewis. My mom is my role model because she inspires me to work hard and never give up on the good things in life. She also influences me with her awesome sense of style and she encourages me to try my best even when things are not going too well. She is a hard worker and believes in a balanced life. I am really thankful for a mother like her, she is really one, achieving "SuperMom."


Going Places

If I could go anywhere in the world

I'd like to travel to America, where I'd visit Los Angeles, New York and THE BIG APPLE.

I used my R250 Ackermans voucher to buy some travel essentials

I like the hoody top and I chose the red top as the colour red is my favourite’s soccer team’s colour, so I can wear this match days.

My favourite item 

The hoody top is perfect for the winter season. And it's the colour of my school uniform so on sports days I can wear this item :)

I couldn't live without these three things on a desert island

My cell phone, water and my ps3

For the school holidays

I'm going to visit my grandma and gramps in Johannesburg, because it been such a long time since I've seen them. I'm very excited.

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Makeover Mania

The person I decided to makeover is Thabisile aka Nikki

She is 9 years old


Why I chose her

I chose one of my friends little sister, Nikki. I chose her because she has love for fashion and the camera. I also thought she would be perfect for the makeover as she is able to step up to any challenge given to her regardless of her size.

Before the makeover

After the makeover

About the MakoeverWhen I chose the clothing and accessories for Nikki's makeover, I wanted to make sure that she loved these items. So I made comfort and fit my first priority when choosing these items and I'm glad to say that I succeeded because Nikki absolutely adored the items I had bought, especially the floral top with the note 'Take Me to Paris’.

What Niki thought

What Nikki liked most about her makeover is that she could keep the awesome clothing and accessories to herself. She also like that she got to look super 'FAB' in the after photos of the makeover.

Nikki thinks that Ackermans clothing is just super cool, so I decided to ask her sister. She says Ackermans' clothing can be compared to other stores clothing like Mr Price and Woolworth's only when it comes to the quality of the clothing. But when talking about the perfect fit, the right cuts and perfect designs offered by Ackermans, no other fashion store can be able to keep up to the competition. Nikki's sister also thinks that at Ackermans it's very simple to look good at an affordable price and great clothing quality that makes the difference.

My experience with Style Squad

This experience has taught me a lot of things, one of them were for me to get used to figuratively being a juggler. I had to carefully handle different tasks at a given time and also on the same time, to work under a lot of pressure while having loads of fun!!! From this experience I have also learnt the meaning of punctuality and patience.

Of course I enjoyed being part of the squad...Like 'DUH'!!! I enjoyed and treasured every single moment of it.

What I enjoyed the most

O.M.Gee! I guess what I enjoyed most about being one of the style squad finalists was the feeling of receiving packages filled with goodies, getting a free monthly data bundle and mostly being able to see the amazing work and beautiful blog posts by the other squad members. <3


Makeover Mania

Here is Mekia Chetty

Despite his age, my 6 year old brother loves to dress up and he is my fashion gurU

Makeover Mania

Final look

He loved it because he was there choosing with me!

What he loves about Ackermans

He loves minions so he absolutely loved the minion shirt and he loved the fact that he got a chance to participate in my final activity with me! We had some sibling bonding time in this Style Squad activity.

He thinks their clothing is cool and adores the character clothes

What I learnt being part of Style Squad

I learnt that I'm a true fashionista. I learnt that I love creating new looks, accessorising and most importantly I am very comfortable in my own skin. I also loved the idea of setting my own trends.

I would definitely do it again

What I enjoyed about Style Squad

I enjoyed putting looks together and also that you don't need lots of money to be stylish, you just require an imagination and a good eye for detail. Also I loved that my creativity and imagination was always embraced in my activities.


Makeover Mania

The person I chose to makeover is Elmeree, she is 12 years old. She is on the left

She is my best friend. We are always there for each other through thick and thin. Her fashion might be different than mine but everyone has their differences.

The Makeover

She loved the makover

What we enjoyed about the Makeover

The entire photo taking and being weird together, just everything

She loves it but they don't always have stock in what she wants and they don’t have sleepwear for teenagers.

What I have learnt from Style Squad

I have learned to be fashionable for less. You don't have to go to fancy stores and pay more if you can pay less for the same look. And every time I' walk in ackermans I'll remember the activities and I will miss it. And to always accessorize my outfit. I have learned to be more responsible.

WHat I enjoyed about Style Squad

I loved l every moment of being part of the Style Squad and I won't exchange the memories for anything in the world.

I enjoyed it when my mom walks in Ackermans and takes out her phone and shows the staff and through that experience I made friends. All the activities and videos were so fun but time wasn't always the best with school projects and exams in between. But I will do it all over in a heartbeat.

Thanks Style Squad for making me a Style Squad member, it was a great experience of fashion. I'll miss all this. May the best Style Squad member win. Good luck with the next members.