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Which fashion career path is the perfect fit for you?

Fantastic, you have the passion and dedication needed to work in this field! But it can be really scary to try and figure out which career path you want to follow. Take this simple quiz and let you interests help guide you through the fashion and retail industry.

Keep track of your answers!

QUESTION 1: Which do you prefer?

A Numbers

B Shapes

C People

QUESTION 6: Which is your favourite social media platform?

A Twitter

B Pinterest

C Facebook

QUESTION 2: Do you like?

A Decision-making

B Creative thinking

C Making things happen

QUESTION 7: What is your favourite gadget?

A Laptop

B Tablet

C Camera

QUESTION 3: Which was your favourite subject at school?

A Maths

B Art

C Any class project!

QUESTION 8: When you were a child, you loved…

A Bossing other people around

B Drawing, colouring and painting

C Dressing up and playing make-believe

QUESTION 4: When taking a selfie it’s all about…

A Taking a pretty picture.


C A group shot with my friends

QUESTION 9: What is your favourite thing about the festive season?

A Finding the perfect gift or treat

B Decorating

C Spending time with friends

QUESTION 5: Are you good with…

A Money

B Creating

C Communicating

QUESTION 10: When you see a red carpet picture, you think…

A Why did she choose that dress?

B What sort of fabric is that?

C Who did her hair and make-up







































POSSIBLE CAREER PATHS: Merchandise Planner, Fashion Buyer, Fashion Merchandiser, Marketing & Brand Management, Production Manager, Trend Forecasting



WHAT TO STUDY: Designing

POSSIBLE CAREER PATHS: Visual Merchandiser, Designer, Dress Making Stylist, Fashion Editor



WHAT TO STUDY: Fashion Media 

POSSIBLE CAREER PATHS: Fashion Writer, Photographer, Public Relations Specialist, Publicist, Journalist, Blogger, Stylist, Visual Merchandisers, Editor