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5 ways our app makes you life easier

Make life simpler and easier with the Ackermans App – here are all the benefits you can enjoy with it.

The Ackermans App saves you time and money by giving you instant access to services and information. Download it for free from the Google Play Store or Apple iStore.


1. Make cardless purchases

Forgot your card? No problem! You can get a digital account card in the App. With the digital account card, you can buy on your Ackermans account, even if you don't have your account card. Here's how to do it step by step.




2. Save time and money

You avoid long queues and you save on travel time and money. With the Ackermans App, you can check how much credit you have available on your Ackermans account and when your next instalment is due. Do this on the go, with your mobile phone! 




3. Find your nearest Ackermans store

Use our store locator in the App to find your nearest Ackermans store. Click on the A. icon and use it as a GPS.





4. Get notified of sales and promotions 

You'll be the first to know about upcoming Ackermans promotions without having to visit a store. 





5. Access our call centre quickly

If you have any queries, there's no need to look through paperwork – you can quickly and conveniently find all our details at the touch of a button.




The Ackermans App can be downloaded for Android and iOS from the Google Play Store or the Apple iStore. Download the app for free, standard data charges apply.