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5 ways to make your mobile data last longer

We've researched some easy ways to make the data you buy work harder.

1. Turn off automatic updates for apps. These updates can easily drain most of your data – or even all of it if you have many apps installed.

TIP You can also choose to control which apps update or set them to only auto update when you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Check Data Sense settings (Windows Phone) and Google Play Store settings (Android).


2. Use data bundles and enjoy the internet for longer. Data bundles let you use data for less than you would have spent if you were using airtime.

TIP You can make a huge saving if you use data bundles. You’ll pay up to R2 per MB without a bundle and as little as 10c per MB with a bundle.


3. Convert your airtime into data. If you don’t have a data bundle, you can convert some of your airtime into data you can use to connect to your favourite services.

TIP Telkom Mobile allows you to disable your data when you run out of data bundles.


4. Use Wi-Fi hotspots wherever you can to save data. Wi-Fi is almost always cheaper than mobile data, and sometimes free.

TIP Your phone or tablet will tell you when you’re in a Wi-Fi area.


5. Download a data-saving app to help you manage your data usage. Opera (download from Google Play) and Chrome (download from Google Play) have built in options to help you save data while you’re browsing. As a bonus, they’ll even tell you how much data you’ve saved.

TIP Check which apps are using a lot of data in Android by going to Settings > Data usage.


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