Bill Payments

bill payments can be made in-store!

RSA only

The benefits of bill payments

You are now able to pay a variety of different bills, quickly and easily at any Ackermans store in RSA.

Bill payments are FREE.

Subscription service payments:

DStv, SABC, loan payments, cross–border payments & financial services.

Travel payments:

Intercape, Translux & City to City bus tickets.

Municipal payments:

Major municipalities.

Debt collectors:

Creditworx & Nimble Collection Services.

Online order payments:


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Bill payments are completed in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Give your bill reference to the cashier.

Step 2: The cashier will verify your details.

Step 3: The cashier will inform you of the amount due.

Step 4: Pay the amount due in cash or with a debit or credit card. You are not able to pay your bill using your Ackermans Account card.

You’ll receive a receipt of payment to keep for future reference.

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