Back To School Checklist

It's that time of the year again, and to make your life easier we've created a list of back-to-school supplies to get your little one ready for the new school year.


  1. School bag or backpack
  2. Lunch box and water bottle
  3. School shoes
  4. School trousers and shorts for boys
  5. School skirts for girls
  6. School shirts
  7. Socks and underwear
  8. Tissues and/or wet wipes
  9. School stationery: pencils, pencil cases, crayons, notebooks, glue, eraser, sharpener — as needed.
  10. Pocket money and purse
  11. School trousers for girls
  12. Rain jackets and jerseys
  13. Sportswear: PT shorts and golfers

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