Love it? Lay-bye it

What is lay-bye?

Don’t have an in-store Ackermans Card, or enough cash or credit for an item? You can buy the things you love on lay-bye.
Pay a 10% deposit
& the balance over 3 months
interest free
We’ll keep the item(s) in-store until the full amount is settled. Visit any Ackermans store with your ID/driver’s license to get started.

lay-bye Payments

  • You’ll need your original lay-bye till slip to make a payment.
  • When you make your last payment you must have the original copy of your till slip or your ID/driver’s license.
  • If you can’t collect your lay-bye, then whoever goes on your behalf will have to provide a letter or copy of your ID as confirmation at they’ll be collecting it for you.

Lay-bye refunds

  • You are allowed to receive a refund on all the money you’ve paid on a cancelled lay-bye.
  • You will need to provide the original lay-bye till slip or proof of your identity.
  • If you no longer have your original till slip, bring a copy of your ID/driver’s license.
  • Only the till slip holder can cancel a lay-bye refund.
  • You, the cashier and the manager will then have to sign the refund documents.