Our Values

Our leaders form part of a goal-oriented and resilient leadership team, which serves our people and company by recognising and celebrating achievements, as well as developing and empowering Phadimas. We also aim to continuously inspire communication and improvement and drive execution and alignment to ensure the success of the company.


  • We choose to have a positive ‘can-do’ attitude in good and bad times
  • We give and take constructive feedback
  • We propose and encourage new ideas
  • We challenge ourselves and others to continuously improve


  • We actively listen with an open mind
  • We value diversity and the contribution that every Phadima makes
  • We take accountability for the impact of our actions
  • We treat ourselves, and others, with care and dignity


  • We are truthful
  • We follow through on our commitments
  • We behave in line with the company's purpose, values and policies
  • We embrace the UBUBELE initiatives


  • We focus on the things that have the biggest impact on our customers
  • We're efficient and effective in everything that we do
  • We communicate in a way that's easy to understand


  • We are relentless in exceeding our personal, team and company goals
  • We take responsibility for the development of ourselves and our fellow Phadimas
  • We are proud team players
  • We acknowledge the efforts and contributions of others